Quick List: Have a Great Phone Call

I’ve found that phone calls with clients and prospects can either be really great or a total waste of time. In my experience, the great phone calls all have the same things in common:

A strict time limit
The best phone calls have a defined start and end time that aren’t deviated from – everyone on the call knows this, calls in on time, and says goodbye when time is up
An agenda written in advance
Everyone knows what is going to be discussed, what the various options are, and what decisions need to be made
The right people are on the phone
Everyone who needs to be involved in the required decisions is present and ready to make a decision
Someone is responsible for taking notes
If there are no notes, you’ll lose track of what you talked about and the decisions that were made
People aren’t afraid to say goodbye
When it is time to go, say so – you’ve got other things to do and can’t be sitting around forever blabbing

Getting on the phone can be a great way to get to know a prospect, establish a deeper rapport with your clients, or put a human touch to your work. That being said, you’ve got work to do – get on the phone, get what you need done, and get back to work.

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