Celebrate Your Achievements

Have you done something awesome recently? Maybe you launched a new website, wrote a post on your blog, or solved a difficult business problem. Whatever it was, did you take the time to celebrate what you accomplished?

For me, the answers are often “Yes” and “No”, respectively. I’ve heard the same from many other freelancers. We are all so busy living for the next project that we never sit down and reflect on the successes that we are a part of.

The lack of reflection leads to a big problem. If you don’t stop to recognize your accomplishments, you might as well not have been a part of them. You’ll forget the successes you’ve had as you drive yourself towards the next deadline. For me, this has lead to moderate depression at the thought of “working so hard for nothing.”

This might seem like a simple mind trick (and it is), but the next time you have a successful outcome, sit down and spend a few minutes thinking about it. Think about how you got where you are and the lessons you learned. You’ll feel better in the present and the future. When you get frustrated on your next project, you’ll have something to look back at and remind yourself of how you’ve experienced success and how you can reach that feeling again.

I’ve started doing this in my business and personal life, and it is already paying dividends. Give it a try!

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