Multiple Featured Images on the WordPress Repository

In September of last year I spent some time building a small utility plugin that allows for the registration and use of arbitrary image pickers for any WordPress content type. Since then, the plugin has been sitting on Github because I’ve been too lazy to get it into the repository.

That changed today! I submitted a request for inclusion and just deployed MFI Reloaded to the repository. I’m hoping that more people will use the plugin now that it is in a place that more WordPress developers go to look for things. It is really handy for custom site builds, especially for image heavy sites.

One thought on “Multiple Featured Images on the WordPress Repository

  1. Kae

    It would be VERY handy if I could figure out how to use it! I installed the plug in and added the code bit you gave on the plugin page to functions.php, but there has to be another piece to the puzzle that you didn’t explain. I can see the new image picker boxes on the edit page, but when I use them to select images they don’t show up anywhere. Not in the post body, not in the post grid – nothing. Help please?


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